The power of knowing ME, this is something fascinating to listen and comes up with many questions, what is the power of knowing ourself, why should we know ourselves and a lot more. Here, are some sorts of things that you must go through and know.

Isn’t this question “WHO AM I?” feels like a simple one with the answer I am xyz, a student of aged so and so and I and this and all that. But it is not as simple as you think it is a question with a lot of to know about. We live in a scenario where this question “Who Am I?” is just the introduction of yourself, but we have to know a lot more bout who exactly we are. Many of us around are not aware of the fact that what exactly they aim to, what exactly are their ambition and all. They just go with the flow of the surrounding where it is taking them to.

“Courage is the hallmark of spirituality. Courage comes when you love yourself for who you are.”

This is a famous quote by Amit Ray, which simply means that courage is directly linked to knowing ourself. But most of us lag in this process of knowing ourselves. We are just like expanding our reach to every possible point we could and exploring them, rather we can explore ourself and do what is of our interest and can invest time in a better way.

What all mistakes we do is, even I do at some point of time is preferring those things in life what most people have done so far or what most of the people are thinking to do so. The only answer I have is “YOU”. Yes, you are the only answer of every strange and awkward question in this world. You are damn that beautiful creation of this planet. You are the one who can do anything. Well here we are going to going to talk about these things that how we can do this? What all we require to know ourselves completely.

As what I know is knowing yourself will lead you to the most beautiful destination of the world where you can do anything and everything. The only thing you have to do is to explore yourself.

A far better question to ask yourself, “How would I like to experience my life.”

This is the foremost question that should arose in your mind is how would I want to experience my life. You want to live your life the way you want to live or you want your boss to rule over you. Its your choice you can make a difference.

You must remember-

“Money and fame are not always important; the important thing is only you.”

If you have money and fame its not always important that you will be happy in your life and you can make everyone happy. The only thing in your mind will be how I can improve my bank balance. If I will do this then my fame will go down and all tensions which will make your happy life a very sad one.

On the other hand, a person with a not a billionaire but having a good and a happy life then having lot and lots of money. At least he can do whatever he wants he will be not having that much of tension in his mind that what to do or what not to do. He will be happily living his life the way he wants to live.

“Fame is like a shaved pig with a greased tail, and it is only after it has slipped through the hands of some thousands, that some fellow, by mere chance, holds on to it!”

-Davy Crockett


This question is important because it helps you identify why you are going after your dreams. If one of your goals is to lose some weight, why exactly do you want to lose weight? If your dream is to become CEO at your organization, why do you want it? What will becoming CEO do for you? Do you want it because of the associated status, or because the CEO salary will allow you to give your family a better life? Your “why” is a deep-seated reason behind your goals.

Without knowing the “why” behind your goals, dreams and aspirations, you minimize your chances of achieving your goals. The truth is, achieving your goals is not going to be easy. You will face challenges that will make you feel like quitting. Without a clear picture of why you are going for that goal, it becomes easy to quit when the tough gets going.

Are you happy?

It’s different than the first question, because it’s more specific. I’m not just asking if you’re bumping along or “not suffering.” I’m asking about lightness, contentedness, joy, bliss, warmth, etc.

If no: do you want to be? Do you want something else more?

Very often in life, we trade in one “type” of happiness for another. We may forfeit travel or eating out, for example, in order to save. We choose one job and turn down another.

We make decisions, and sometimes we don’t eat the marshmallow even when the marshmallow looks a hell of a lot like “happiness,” which means we may not feel “happy” in that moment even though we are investing in eventual wellbeing.

The actual movement of getting yourself to a good place, where your peace is strong and vibrant, is valuable in and of itself. This process is hard work and it should be given more space in our world.

If one knows oneself better and has taken steps towards healing the deeply rooted complexes that impede them from contentment and joyful living, they will be able to produce the type of work that will supersede all expectations, and that will bring happiness and joy to many.

Remember, the make-up of your personal internal world dictates and creates your external reality. So much love and power to all of you who have traversed your own internal world and come out victoriously carrying the trophy of peace and love. So much love to all people, may we all have the courage to know ourselves deeply, may we come to understand that working towards inner peace and happiness is essential to living a good life.

©Mohd. Mohsin khan🌺The Power of knowing ME